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Hi Man Utd fans,

                                We all know that Manchester United is struggling in the forward because of the lack of number of Forwards. Berbatov is the only striker in the radar  of Man Utd for so much time. In the recent transfer saga, Man Utd places their last bid for the Berbatov. They have placed the estimated bid of 25 million euros.

Inferiority complex is a term used to describe strong feelings of inadequacy and insecurity stemming from real or imagined physical, mental or social deficiencies. It is believed that while all people have feelings of inferiority which they attempt to overcome, neurotics have such deep-seated and exaggerated feelings that an inferiority complex develops.  

Moulding is a technique used in industry to shape such materials as clay, metal, plastics and glass. Moulding in metal is usually called die-casting. It is done by pouring molten metal into moulds, or dies, made of sand or metal. The metal takes the shape of the mould as it cools, and is then released from the mould. Glass and clay can be shaped in a similar manner

 It’s a type of internal combustion engine invented by Rudolph Diesel (1858-1913). Air is drawn into the cylinder and compressed to about 500 to 600 lb. So that it becomes greatly heated. The heat of the air charge then ignites the liquid fuel which has been sprayed through a jet into the cylinder.

Real Madrid now has officially said that within a couple of days, it will sign Vand Der Vaart. As the steps taken to buy C.Ronaldo failed, it was looking for good replacement for that, Van Der Vaart will be the good signing. Robben also said that Rafael Van Der waart will shine in Real Madrid's History.

Hi friends,
                I am a football maniac.I used to see almost all football matches especially
English premier league. I am  a great fan of  Manchester United, Hence I wish it to
win the league cup. But  one should not forget the serious threats from Chelsea, Arsenal,
 Liverpool. It is very difficult to say who will win now itself, lets wait and see.