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How are you? I am fine. Hope all are doing well. Everybody has different ideas about sex. In the early days, people used to believe that sex is the most divine thing in the world. Even today, some group of people still believes in that. Sex, indeed may scare some people. People belong to the teen age believes some myth about sex. As a result they come to wrong conclusion and hence when they encounter the sex in their real life, they are not so successful in it. I too, in my teen days had misconceptions about sex. One of my friend told to visit a site named I visited the site and the site was really awesome. The specialty of the site is, one can ask various myths about sex to the guru and the will help you by answering questions. Suppose, if one thinks that jumping up and down during sex hinders in pregnancy, then you can ask whether this conception is correct or not. Not only this, the website provides the detailed information regarding the Sexually transmitted diseases and clearly distinguishes HIV and AIDS. Please share this with your friends, let them also get benefited from this.

Shivaji, the great Maratha leader who fought the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb tooth and nail. Shivaji drew his inspiration from his mother Jijabai and Guru Ramdas. He vanquished the general sent by Aurangzeb and succeeded in establishing a Hindu State in Deccan

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Art is a form of expressing one's thoughts.  Almost every person in the world loves art. Art can be in any form. One of the most exciting form is painting which includes contemporary, Traditional, Commercial art. Yesterday morning when I was browsing in the internet I came across a site named  dealing with art paintings. All the paintings in the site has been created by world famous painter named, Andrew Atroshenko. Andrew Atroshenko paintings speaks more than words. The link Atroshenko, provides you the most exciting paintings created by the him. Please share this piece of information to all your friends.

According to inter boss Jose Mourinho, England can win the prestigious World cup in South Africa next year. Acording to him, England has the right combination of match winners in the form og Rooney, Gerrard, Lampard, Beckham and more over the better coach in the form of Fabio Capllo.

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This post is mainly dedicated for the persons who loves to have good sleep. Sleeping is one of the regular activity which all the animals in the planet does. The amount of hours spent for sleeping may vary from person to person. Sound sleep helps in preventing many diseases including heart attack Hypertension, cholesterol etc. In order to have sound sleep, nice and comfortable beds are necessary. Yesterday when I was browsing in the internet I came across a site named This site offers beds at the cheaper price when compared to other competitors. It offers discounts up to 40%. Here wide range of beds available, which will be loved by different age groups. Some of the beds available in the site are children beds, wooden beds, Leather Beds, Guest beds, Storage beds and many more. In addition to these, this website also offers free home delivery for the beds which costs more than Euro 499. Best sellers link of the website provides the list of many best selling beds. The home page provides the pictures of attractive beds available in the website. If you are thinking of buying comfortable beds, then your ultimate place is Please share this piece of info to all your friends.

Powered vehicle designed to push or pull railway train is called locomotive. First practically the locomotive was built with steam as driving force. Electric locomotives were discovered by obtaining power from 3rd rail or overhead wire. Diesel locomotives were manufactured in 1925, in which electrical generator is driven by diesel engine, have extensively replaced steam locomotives.

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Watches forms the part of our life.  Now a days, watches have been looked as fashion item by the teen age people. tenn age people loves to wear the trendy watches which suits their style. I am a great admirer of seiko watches. These watches have been designed in such a way that it suits the persons of different age groups. Today morning   when I was browsing in the internet I came across a site named This site has vast collection of wide variety of watches. if you are really thinking of buying trendy watcjes, please do visit the site.

The cluster of about 25 galaxies to which our own galaxy the Milky Way with its estimated 100,000 million stars – belongs. The Andromeda galaxy is another prominent are bound together by their mutual gravity and are not therefore receding from one another like the more distant galaxies.s

Things which happend during school life will linger in every persons mind. During my high school days I used to spend most of my time with my friends by watching movies, playing baseball etc. Last week I saw a group of happy school children and suddenly I started recollecting all my past during  high school days.Today morning when I was browsing I came across the site This site will help you to connect with your old friends and also helps in organising high school reunions. Apart from this, this website also provides statistics of the schools in your locality. Thus, this site offers  boon  to all those persons who misses their friends in their life.

  Fish react very oddly to fireflies-they swim away from them. And sharks seem to be particularly bothered by fire-flies. If several are put into a tank with sharks, the sharks become very frightened – Swishing widely with their tails, they seem to go crazy with fear and often become paralyzed, unable to move at all until the fire-flies are removed from the tank. 

The moisture gathers on the outside of a glass tumbler containing cold water because the water vaporous present I air get cooled and appear as droplets of water on coming in contact with the cold surface of the glass tumbler.

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Hope all are doing well. Whenever I hear the word POP, the first person who cmoes to my mind is POP King "Michael Jackson'. Michael Jackson is famous for the albums  Beat it, Thriller, Bad and many more. Michael Jackson announced his last 10 shows in London will be aired in o2 arena. It is very difficult to get Michael Jackson tickets . So I surfed the internet in search of tickets. I landed at link which offers Tickets to Michael Jackson. This link offers tickets starting from July 2009 to February 2010. If you are a Michael jackson fan, share this info with all your friends.

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This post is dals with how to stop pollution. There are various kinds of pollution namley air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution etc. But the dangerous pollutins are air pollution and water pollution. In order to stop these kind of pollution industries which pollutes air, water should be penalized.

One of the commonest ways is to place the petals of a scented flower on plates of glass that are thinly coated with grease. The grease absorbs the scent, which is then extracted from the grease in the form of highly concentrated oil. The oil will be mixed with other chemicals to make perfume.

  Marabous birds are not very fussy about what they eat and enjoy almost any kind of refuse. For this reason they crowd together in villages and do the useful job of clearing the streets of any rubbish that is lying around. Marabous will also eat the rotting bodies of dead animals, often quarrelling with other carrion birds such as vultures and fighting over pieces of striking , rotten meat. Like that it keeps the streets clean. 

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I am basically a gourmand. I love to have good foods. Last week I went to Dallas to attend a marriage ceremony. Catering was undertaken by Dallas Catering  corporation. The unique aspect of this caterers are apart from offering food, they offer event staffing, entertainment, rentals, floral design and photography. Hence they are my favorite caterers. Please share this piece of information to all your friends.

  It is a parasite and grows on large woody vines, the seeds germinating in the rough bark of the stems of the vine, which lie on the ground. The Rafflesia grows in the mountain forests of Malaysia. The Rafflesia has no green, for it does not contain chlorophyll, which gives plants their green color. The leaves of Rafflesia are like small fish-scales and the only unusual feature of the plant is its flower. This has a fetid smell resembling, that of rotting meat, which attracts several kinds of insects. 

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Welcome to my blog once again. In this post I am going to write about something interesting. Tactical pants are the pants worn by Law Enforcement, Military, Fire/EMS professionals through out the world and many of the people prefers authentic 5.11 tactical pant. 5.11 tactical pants has popularity for more tan 30 years. The home page of the webiste provides pictures of different tactical pants; to name a few CAMS Pants - 12 Pockets , Tactical Covert Cargo Pants + FREE Belt, Tactical Flannel Lined Tactical Pants, Tactical TDU Rip-Stop Pants and many more. Please share this piece of information to all your friends.

The special frequency range from 30Ghs to300GHs has a wavelength in the millimeter range is generally referred to as millimeter waves. Microwaves present several interesting and unusual features not found in the other portions of the EM frequency spectrum. These features makes microwave uniquely suitable for several useful applications.

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Owning a website is every body's dream in todays world. But, many feel that it is very difficult to own a website. It is not so. There are many web host providers available in internet. Each host providers has unique aspects. Today morning, when I was browsing in the internet I came across a site named This website provides the rating for the top web host providers. Just Host- web host providers bagged first rank among the best webhost providers. For more information click this link webhosting. Please share this piece of information to all your friends. 

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Hope all are doing well. Honduras attacked a canadian citizen last month and the report is as follows.

Saskatoon architect Roger Walls, 71, of Saskatoon, was shot in the neck at close range last month, said his brother, Vic Walls. Honduras are more often conducting attacks on the canadian citizens.

He said Friday the suspect is a woman - one of three people who he said owe Roger "a lot" of money.
Roger, who has designed some of Saskatoon's landmark buildings, lost his fifth and sixth vertebrae, and part of his spinal cord, his brother said.He's now being treated in Saskatoon.