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Golf is a game played with a small white ball and a selection of long-handled clubs. It is played over a specially prepared course of about 5500 meters. Each player will be aiming to hit his own ball from a starting point into a small hole in the fewest m possible strokes. A standard golf course is divided into 18 sections, each with its own starting point and concluding it by placing the ball in the green holes. 

External influence exerted by a body or bodies in the apace surrounding them is called field of force. The effect of this field or any other body placed in it can be calculated or measured by experiment. It is possible to speak of gravitational fields, electric fields, nuclear fields and so on. Fields theory is concerned with understanding the origin of fields of force, usually in terms of quantum theory alone.

Finger is a terminal part of the hand composed or three bones called phalanges, except in case of thumb were there are only two. Joint between two phalanges is called interphalangeal joint and that between finger and hand is called metacarpal phalange joint. Interphalangeal joints depend for stability on fibrous capsule and on muscle tendons. Verves and blood vessels run down each side of finger

Die is the term having the primary significance of a small cube used for gaming, dice being the collective form. Each side is marked with a black spot or spots numbering 1-6. Poker dies have each side marked with either 9, 10, jack, Queen, King or Ace. 

Diatonic is related to notes and chords in the major or minor scales, which are each made up of five whole tones and two semitones. The seven notes are referred to as, consecutively: tonic, supertonic, median, subdominant, dominant, sub-median and leading notes

One who has received the honor of Knight Hood. The earliest knights were members of an order, such as the Knights of the Hospital of St. John and the Knights templar. Others were made knights for deeds of valour. There are 10 classes of knights, All created by the sovereign

  Jaundice is yellowing of the skin and whites of the eye, The name is derived from the French jaune (yellow). Jaundice is a symptom of three main groups of disorders, all of which have one factor in common; excessive bile pigment in the blood.

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Encyclopedia is a book, or set of books, containing articles, usually arranged alphabetically, covering a general or specific area of knowledge. Earliest extant example is Pliny the Elder’s “Histori Naturalis”. The Encyclopedia Britannica dates from 1768 onwards.

Hi friends,

How are you? I am fine. Hope all are fine. In the recent encounter between chelsea and Cluj was drawn goal lessly. Both the teams failed to frighten their opponent. Only Drogba got some little chance, but he failed to utilize it.

Berbatov hits two goals to steer the man utd vitory against aalborg.Berbatov who completed the  transfer to Man utd in the last day of the transfer season finally scored, after the goalless three match drought in the premier league. 

About one person in ten uses the left hand in preference to the right. It is not known whether the characteristic, which is common in boys than in girls, is acquired or inherited. Some people may write with their left hand but use their right hand for other tasks. Children usually establish their preference by school age, and if forced to use the unnatural hand some children develop emotional disturbances