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Null value: SQL allows the use of null values to indicate absence of information about the value of an attribute.
Sub queries: The purpose of subquery is to drive a list of information from which a query can choose appropriate rows.
Set Comparison: This is a test that uses comparison operators to compare values in the temporary table with the values in the table used by the query.
Set membership: This is similar to existence test. It determines if a value in the current row of the table used by the query also exists in the temporary table.

A branch of astronomy that deals with the origin and evolution of the Universe. After the American astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered in1929 that the universe is expanding many astronomers believed it had originated in a giant explosion about 10,000 million years ago called the Big-Bang, and that the various parts (the galaxies) have been flying apart even since.

Spain won the friendly tie against Three Lions in the home encounter by 2-0. England without the big stars Rooney, Ferdinad, Lampard, Gerrard really suffered a huge. Thanks to the goals by David Villa, Torres. Spain once again proves that they are the "European champions".

Wall arts and paintings adds life to your house walls. When ever you see the wall art, it will surely instigate pleasure within you. There are so many wall arts websites available in the internet. These websites provides list of all wall arts covering different price ranges. One can select the wall arts from the different categories available in the site.

Madrid is the richest club in the world followed by European and world champions Manchester United. All top four English clubs finished in the top 20 club ranks. Third place goes to Barcelona. Milan bagged eighth place and Juventus holds eleventh spot.

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Sea butterflies, Limacia species, are sea snails that live in plankton and swim is graceful movements of the foot, which is divided into a pair of muscular flaps. At each stroke the flaps make a figure of eight. The foot also has a feeding function as it collects plankton on extensive ciliary tracts.

Slimy mixtre of water and fine particles of solid material, ranging in texture from liquid to soft solid. The term is used in three ways. Firstly, it describes a sediment made up of clay, slit and water, such as that found where a lake has been drained to leave its bottom sediments exposed. Secondly, the sticky muds of the sea floor are described by their colour- blue, black, grey, green or red. A third use of the term is to describe the mixture of water and chemicals used when drilling a borehole, as in oil wells.

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Man UTd won the last match against West ham united. Thanks to the lonely goal from the Man utd old saviour Ryan Giggs. Before hitting the net, he passes two defenders with ease. Thi is the 13th successive match Manchester united completed with clean sheet.

  The first two irrigation dams have been built by Roman Engineers in the 2nd century. The major maintenance work needed for the above irrigation dams have been carried out and renewed their stone facings in 1900.These two irrigation dams are still stood for their testimony. 

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